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La Ferme de Biot is a company that puts its experience at the disposal of its customers and the satisfaction of their needs.

Customer satisfaction as a main goal!
La Ferme de Biot is a company that puts its experience, gained in the field in twenty years of activity, available to public and private customers, maintaining a constant orientation aimed at understanding and satisfaction of the present needs, as well as the forecast and planning of future ones.

Our company is oriented to a continuous innovation of both material resources (plants and machinery of different stature in order to operate effectively in the most varied areas of intervention) and intangible resources (staff skills), all to achieve a single objective: customer satisfaction.

Here you find the best shrubs and plants to embellish your garden
Whether you want to enrich your garden or park independently that you are looking for a supplier for the realization of your garden on the Côte d'Azur the Ferme de Biot has a wide selection of plants and shrubs of first choice.

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