Excavations and earthmoving in the French Riviera

La Ferme de Biot excavations and earthmoving in Biot. Realization of excavation and earth moving works in the French Riviera.

La Ferme de Biot excavations and earthmoving in Biot and throughout the Cote d'Azur which represent the basic activity for all types of work in which we operate, we are able to carry out excavation excavations and in section on land of any kind, personally taking care of the coordination of all the related administrative practices such as the characterization and analysis of the land, for the eventual management and reuse of excavated earth and rocks according to the vicengi regulations or alternatively we carry out , with its own means, transportation and transfer to recovery and / or disposal plants.

The machines we work with include excavators, mini-excavators, crawler and wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, trucks of various capacities, mobile cranes and trolleys for transport.

Excavations and earthmoving represent our main activity that has made us very well known on the territory of the Côte d'Azur.
This allows us to be able to affirm and place at the service of any type of customer an experience in the field that in twenty years of work has seen the realization of every type of operation being part of this sector.

We specialize in excavation and earth moving for the construction of gardens and parks as well as for the construction of underground pools.

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